Monday, April 6, 2015

3DGO! Review - 3D Streaming App

It's been over 6 years since Avatar first hit theaters and redefined the 3D movie experience. Countless more 3D movies have been released since. Yet it's still very difficult to find quality 3D content for your 3DTV. That's where 3DGO! comes in...

3DGO! is still a relative newcomer when compared to names like Netflix and VUDU, but the company behind 3DGO!, Sensio Technologies (TSX Venture:SIO), have been in the 3D game for over 15-years, so they know a thing or two about the business.

3DGO! is currently available on Vizio and Panasonic 3DTVs in the US, and LG 3DTVs in both the US and Canada. I recently purchased a new LG 65UB9500 3DTV and was able to test out 3DGO! first hand with my family as we watched Big Hero 6 (which interestingly was not even released on 3D Blu Ray in North America).

First impression? The picture quality was phenomenal. I honestly couldn't tell the difference between watching 3DGO! or a 3D Blu Ray. There were a couple very brief moments, in really dark and fast moving scenes, where I saw some very minor pixelation - but the other 99.9% of the movie looked incredible. Sharp high definition lines, bright colors, smooth scrolling, etc. Compared to the other limited 3D content LG has on their store, and the other 3D I've seen streamed online (side-by-side, of course), the picture quality on 3DGO! was in an entirely different league.

I don't know if it's Sensio's patented 3D format or if there are other factors that make 3DGO!'s picture better vs. what I've seen before, but the picture quality was impressive. The app itself is also very slick. It was simple to register my TV and easy to navigate the application to find what I wanted. 3DGO! also offers a large selection of free 3D content (mainly movie trailers) for those just looking for a quick "3D fix".

I also think the current $0.99 promo offer is a great idea. Even if I wasn't already aware of 3DGO! the $0.99 offer would have been enough for me to try it out. And now that I have I can see the family wanting to rent more movies over the coming weeks.

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