Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top 10 3D Pop Out Moments

Sure, some 3D pop out effects can be a bit gimmicky. But let's face it, if you want to show off your 3DTV those gimmicky effects are the way to do it.

So what are the very best 3D pop out moments that will impress your friends and family? What scenes will make you pause the Blu-Ray disc and try to touch the 3D image?

Here are the 10 very best 3D pop out scenes currently available on Blu-Ray, and exactly where on the discs you can find them!

Ok, I lied. Currently the list is a "Top 6" list. That is because I have yet to view 10 truly amazing pop out effects worth making the list. If I didn't feel the urge to pause the film and rewatch the scene multiple times then it didn't make the cut. As new material gets released on Blu-Ray I will update the list. But for now, here's the Top 6...

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1. IMAX Under The Sea (Potato Cod - 20m:58s)
- By far the best 3D pop out moment I've seen so far.
- The potato cod practically comes right up to your face (my wife actually got scared and tried to back away).
- This is the scene that LG uses to demo their 3DTVs at Best Buy.

2. Yogi the Bear (Flying Nachos - 1m:45s)
- This is a close second to the Potato Cod scene in Under the Sea.
- Great slow motion 3D scene with nachos flying around your living room.
- This scene alone is worth the price of the Blu-Ray - usually under 20 bucks at

3. The Ultimate Wave Tahiti - (Animated Planets - 2m:43s)
- This movie has some of the best animated 3D effects I've ever seen.
- It is impossible to convey in a 2D pic how truly incredible these scenes really look.
- This is another title that you can pick up for dirt cheap - usually $12.99 on

4. Despicable Me (Parking the Spaceship - 1h:15m:36s)
- Great scene as the tip of the space ship extends right through the screen.
- A lot of really good 3D moments in this entire film.
- The scenes near the credits are also very impressive.

5. Drive Angry (Coin Flip - 25m:05s)
- The coin in this scene comes out about 1/2 way between you and the TV.
- Plus I really enjoyed this movie (unlike many other reviews I read).

6. Tangled - (Floating Lanterns - 1h:08m:54s)
- A couple of the lanterns look like they're floating in your living room.
- The movie itself is absolutely fantastic (for both kids and adults).
- This particular scene showed some minor crosstalk on my Sony HX800, or I might have ranked it higher.

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  2. Sammys adventure 3d bluray not even on the list lol it would definately be number 1 on the list u must not of seen it .So many pop outs in it i lost count best 3D ive ever seen its unreal :)

  3. @Mr me - I don't doubt that at all. I've heard many good things about Sammys Adventure, but have not been able to come across a reasonably priced copy here in Canada yet. I have every expectation it will make the list once I do...

  4. The bubble bar scene if the best 3d pop out ive ever seen