Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SENSIO Technologies to Launch "Revolutionary Product"

According to today's media invitation:

"SENSIO Technologies Inc. is back again this year at the 2012 International CES with some big news to share! The company will announce the launch of a revolutionary product that will help counter the low adoption of 3D. Once more, SENSIO will break boundaries through content, quality, usability and compatibility, allowing consumers to have the ultimate 3D experience right in their own living rooms!"

Those are strong words. Most likely they are referring to their previously announced video-on-demand 3D store which has yet to launch. The company has reportedly been negotiating with major Hollywood studios for the better part of the year to ensure a large catalog of quality 3D content in SENSIO 3D format (previous reports had already suggested that the rights to most if not all of the major IMAX 3D documentaries, like Under The Sea, had already been secured earlier this year).

The SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D format allows visually lossless streaming of high definition 3D images across existing 2D cable, internet and satellite infrastructure.

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