Sunday, March 6, 2011

3D Review - MLB 11 The Show (Demo)

Game: (4 out of 5)

I haven't played any of the previous games in the MLB The Show series, so I don't have a baseline to compare this year's version to. But from what I saw in the demo the graphics look great, and the game seems like it's a lot of fun to play.

You definitely have to be a baseball fan to want to play a game like this. But for those that are I can't imagine anything else out there that does a better job of bringing the feel of live major league baseball into the living room. I look forward to playing the full version when it's released.

3D Effect: (1 out of 5)

Two words... Ho Hum.

My impression of the 3D in this demo didn't start off good. For one, it took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to turn the 3D on in the first place. Once I was finally able to turn on the 3D things got better, but not by much. 

Note: For those looking for how to turn on the 3D option: press the start button, and then press the right d-pad to get to the video settings. From there you will be able to turn on 3D. Press X to save your new settings. 

Like most 3D games, you have the option to adjust the intensity of the 3D effect. At the minimum level it looks almost 2D. At the maximum level it immediately caused significant eye strain and massive amounts of ghosting. The optimum intensity level seemed to between 2/3 to 3/4 for me.

With the intensity level set, I was ready for some sweet 3D action. Unfortunately all I got was minimal 3D effects. 

I don't understand why some games don't seem to take full advantage of the 3D options available to them. If games like Motorstorm Rift can produce amazing 3D effects, why can't MLB 11 The Show? If live sporting events look awesome in 3D, then why doesn't MLB 11 The Show?

About the only thing that looked decent in 3D were things like the menus and scoreboards that pop out in front of the action. But where are the scenes of baseballs zooming by my head? Of players sliding into home? Why doesn't the massive stadium show incredible depth?

For me, if I'm going to pay for a 3D TV, and wear the 3D glasses to play a game like The Show, I don't want subtle 3D. I want jaw dropping 3D.

3D has the potential to make average games truly fun to play (for example Avatar: The Game or Super Stardust HD). But the 3D in MLB 11 The Show did nothing to make me want to play it any more than I would in 2D.

C'mon guys, try a little harder and let's get it right in 2012.


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